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oh cara!

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Danielle and Erin Dusek.

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Perrie with Zayn’s mum & her mum Deborah backstage in Sheffield x

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This girl (x) was outside One Direction’s hotel in December and saw Danielle and her family! (I don’t know why they’re sideways…)

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  • U.N.I.: A man who just broke up with his girlfriend after he chose not to go to University
  • Drunk: A man becoming an alcoholic because he sorely misses his ex-girlfriend
  • Small Bump: An expecting father overcome with love for his future child, only to be grief-stricken when the child dies before being born
  • The A Team: A homeless girl addicted to cocaine and turning to prostitution to get more
  • You Need Me, I Don't Need You: Fuck you, he's Ed Sheeran and he's fucking awesome
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Drunk Harry talking to paparazzi outside a club

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Harry Styles moaning for 30 seconds (Download)

if you think you don’t need this on your blog, you’re lying.

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